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The Claim Handling Centre provides a fast reliable completely professional analysis and decision on every claim by qualified experienced engineers. Customer satisfaction is our priority and protection of your brand’s name.

Claim Handling Centre WAGAS consists of experienced professionals working for customers in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia. Original software supports the speed and efficiency of the decision-making process and the payment of damages and allows you to draw on experience from each supported case.

The process of settling claims
on the example of extended warranty insurance

duration: up to 45 min


breakdown of the vehicle


towing the vehicle to service dealer


phone or email contact with Claim Handling Centre


filing an insurance claim by the customer or DAC to Claim Handling Centre


determination of the scope of breakdown - possible revision of the scope by an independent expert


establishing liability for damage


repair authorization (or partial authorization or denial of authorization)


repair of the vehicle


sending the invoice for the repair and authorization to pay damages to the Claim Handling Centre


payment of compensation in accordance with the authorization


decision regarding payment of compensation

Professional, fast settlement of claims means that a decision regarding authorisation of repair is made within 1 hour for simple claims and for complex cases within 24 hours.

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