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We have years of experience in offering our insurance products, beginning in Poland and now covering all of the Eastern EU & Russia plus the United States & Puerto Rico.

Our additional products

WarrantyPlant and Equipment

Mechanical and electrical breakdown cover for plant and equipment. Cover period between 1 and 5 years.


Mechanical and electrical breakdown cover for industrial machinery. Cover period between 1 and 5 years.

All RisksGadget insurance

Smart Phone, Mobile Telephone, iPod, Satellite Navigation, Camera Theft, loss, accidental damage or mechanical/electrical breakdown of the mobile telephone or 'gadgets' which can include iPod/mp3 player, satellite navigation, camera and smart phone.

All RisksComputers, laptops and tablets

Theft, loss, accidental damage or mechanical/electrical breakdown of the equipment.

Motorist ProductsTyres/ alloy wheels

Replacement or repair of tyres following accidental damage or puncture. Can include ‘run flats’ for an additional premium.

Motorist Products‘Dent and Ding’ insurance

Covers the remedial costs of repairing minor paint, bodywork and bumper damage that does not require a garage visit.

Motorist ProductsMOT insurance

Covers costs of repair and/or replacement of covered items which fail the annual MOT roadworthiness test. Typically sold as part of retail package, sold alongside auto warranty as an additional up-sell.

Motorist ProductsMis-fuelling insurance

Covers the cost of draining the tank, cleaning / replacement of fuel lines, fuel pump and fuel injection components following a mis-fuelling incident where the incorrect fuel is accidentally put into the fuel tank.

Motorist ProductsKey insurance

Provides cover for resultant replacement keys and replacement locks in the event of car keys being lost or stolen.

Motorist ProductsMotor Breakdown/Roadside Assistance

Provides cover for roadside repairs, rescue and repatriation when your vehicle is no longer driveable following a mechanical breakdown. Cover can be extended to include short term European travel as well.

Added Value Ancillary ProductsCollision Damage Waiver (CDW)

CDW reimburses the excess a policyholder has to pay in the event that a rental vehicle they are responsible for is returned to the hire company damaged or is stolen whilst they are in charge of the vehicle.

Added Value Ancillary ProductsExcess Waiver

This is an annual insurance which provides reimbursement of the policy excess that has to be paid when making a successful claim under your Home, Motor, Pet or Travel insurance policies. Cover is available up to a pre-determined annual aggregate limit.

Added Value Ancillary ProductsHome Emergency

Covers emergency repairs or replacement to the plumbing, boiler, gas and electrical systems in domestic properties.

Added Value Ancillary ProductsTravel Gadget – Smart Phone, ‘Pod, Satellite Navigation, Camera

Theft, loss and accidental damage to ‘gadgets’ whilst on holiday. Gadgets can include IPod/mp3 player, satellite navigation, camera and smart phone.

Added Value Ancillary ProductsSpectacles Insurance

Provides cover for accidental damage or theft of your spectacles for a maximum period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

Added Value Ancillary ProductsPremium Waiver

Covers the motor or household insurance premium if a customer is off work due to accident, sickness, hospitalisation or unemployment.

Added Value Ancillary ProductsReplacement Vehicle

This is marketed alongside a core motor insurance policy. The insurance provides cover for a replacement vehicle, where your vehicle is damaged beyond repair following a fault accident, fire, non-recovered theft or attempted theft. The replacement vehicle is typically provided for a period of 14-28 days.

Added Value Ancillary ProductsSecurity Deposit Waiver

A tenant can purchase a Security Deposit Waiver as an alternative to funding a security deposit upfront. SDW can be used for vacation stays or longer term tenancy leases. The programme benefits the tenant, as they are not funding a sizeable deposit and are not involved in disputes regarding damage fees. The Property Manager will also benefit from a streamlined process in the event of damages requiring repair.

CreditorPayment Protection

We protect a full range of financial commitments in the event of being unable to work due to accident, sickness or redundancy. Personal loans. Mortgages. Income protection. Utility bills & Subscriptions. Debt management accounts. Motor and home insurance premiums (premium waiver)

Bank Account / Credit Card EnhancementsDouble Warranty

12 Months extension of manufacturer’s warranty on domestic appliances (which can be 12 or 24 months maximum). Single price for all items registered during the period of cover.

Bank Account / Credit Card EnhancementsPrice Promise

Cover for the difference in cost of a branded goods item purchased by credit or debit card which is subsequently found cheaper elsewhere (within 30-90 days). Can include internet purchases / cross channel cover if desired.

Bank Account / Credit Card EnhancementsPurchase Protection

Theft of or accidental loss/damage to goods purchased in full using a credit or debit card, typically for between 30-90 days from date of purchase.

Bank Account / Credit Card EnhancementsPayment Card Protection

Covers financial losses through unauthorised usage of credit/debit card(s).

Bank Account / Credit Card EnhancementsTicket Insurance

If a policyholder cannot attend an event or show, they get 100% of the face value of their ticket reimbursed. Covered reasons include illness, serious injury or death, airline delays, traffic accidents, unavoidable business trips and jury service.

Bank Account / Credit Card EnhancementsIdentity theft

Covers losses suffered as a result of someone fraudulently, and for financial gain, using the identity of the insured, covering such acts as applying for or obtaining bank account/credit cards/loans. Covers specified financial losses incurred and time spent recovering any details/documents stolen, cost of replacement documents, credit rating reinstatement and solicitors fees.

Bank Account / Credit Card EnhancementsATM Assault

Covers the customer if they are robbed within 15 minutes or withdrawing money from an ATM anywhere in the world. Product will reimburse money stolen and can pay a cash benefit for insured injuries.

Bank Account / Credit Card EnhancementsHandbag/ Wallet

The Handbag or Wallet policy provides reimbursement for the cost of a replacement handbag/wallet and contents.

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